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FLY celebrates 20 years of teaching world language programs to over 10,000 elementary school students in the Puget Sound area.

Foreign Language for Youth, a Non profit 501(c)3 corporation since 1995, currently teaches Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic to more than 900 students in elementary and middle schools in over 18 School Districts around the Puget Sound.


My daughter LOVES Mandarin class and really looks forward to Tuesday afternoons. Thanks for providing this culturally enriching program for her.

-Parent, Cedar Wood Elementary


Why parents and kids love FLY

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  • Small class sizes. We only allow ten (10) students in a class.
  • We teach a variety of world languages. FLY offers Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Immersion learning. Students learn through immersion around games, songs, actions and drama.
  • Fun and custom curriculum. Our dialogue-based curriculum is designed and written specifically for our classes with increasing levels and immersion for student advancement.
  • All our teachers are fluent and love to share their culture. FLY exposes our students to over 1,000 words which plug into our short, practical, dialogue segments.
  • Parents and family involvement. Family and friends are invited to Student Presentation Days held twice throughout the year.
  • Classes work around students' school schedules. A typical FLY session includes 40 classes, 40 minutes each. Sessions start in October and run until Spring. Class times and lengths may vary according to school preferences.
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