PO Box 790

Kingston, WA 98376

PO Box 790

Kingston, WA 98376

Why FLY?

What Makes Foreign Language for Youth Different?

Classes for 10 students

  • Small class sizes allow more one-on-one attention.
  • Your student is personally involved in the class.
  • Students get to know each other better.
  • There is more time for instruction with less disruptions.

Presentation Days

  • Presentation Days provide an opportunity for students to show off what they learn, and for parents to be a part of their learning experience.

Quality Teachers

  • All FLY Teachers are college educated, fun, engage with their students, fluent in their target language and have spent time in the target language country.
  • All FLY Teachers have passed the same background checks applied to Washington State public school teachers.

Fun and Structured Curriculum

  • Our curriculum is based on the theory that children are active, social learners.
  • Activities include games, songs, skits, and fun exercises.
  • Level 1 exposes students to over 80 sentences and 1,000 vocabulary words.
  • Advanced curriculum is available for returning and advanced students.