PO Box 790

Kingston, WA 98376

PO Box 790

Kingston, WA 98376

FLY Curriculum

Our Curriculum

FLY’s unique curriculum follows the guidelines set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), which are widely recognized by public and private schools across the United States.

  • Tested by 18,000+ students and hundreds of teachers
  • In core curriculum for several schools, taught as extra-curricular in hundreds of others
  • Continuously improved over since 1995 through feedback and addition of available technology

FLY's Mission

To teach and instill a continued interest of foreign languages and cultural awareness in young students. We make learning fun!

What languages and levels are available in FLY's curriculum?

Each FLY Level includes 40 lessons.

Levels are designed for students to take sequentially, to build upon concepts from prior lessons.

Level 1’s curriculum, for example, introduces over 1,000 vocabulary words, 80 dialogue phrases, and many cultural facts.