FLY Parents


Thank you for choosing Foreign Language for Youth!

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How can FLY parents get involved?

Unless specifically requested by your FLY Teacher, FLY encourages parents to participate in the classroom only on planned Presentation Days.

Here are some other ways you can get involved in your student’s education:

    • Practice with your student at home. Classes cover one lesson in their book per 40-minute session. Ask your student what vocabulary they recently learned and quiz them on it within your daily activities.
    • Buy the FLY CD or Audio Lessons and listen together. Each vocabulary word, dialogue and total physical response is repeated 3x. Practicing the vocabulary together with your student in the car is a great way to help them memorize. Purchase your FLY CD or Audio Files here.
    • Read together. Check your local library for their selection of books in your student’s target language. You might also consider purchasing the FLY Young Authors book that is now available on Amazon, written by a FLY student.

Purchase your FLY Young Authors book here.