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Replacement Books and Curriculum CDs

This section is for registered families only. FLY materials are only available to currently registered FLY students and families.

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Replacement Books

Did your Student lose or damage their book?

Order another book here and we will send it to your home address within five (5) business days.

Replacement books are $5.00

Spanish and French Books

Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic Books

You may also send us a check for $5.00 to the address at the bottom of this page, or call us with your credit card number.



  • Audio CDs recite the vocabulary in the Level 1 Workbook.
  • We will mail your CD to the address you provide.
  • FLY does not refund the cost of CDs once delivered due to the nature of this product.

Student Name
Mailing Address for CD

Bags for Scholarships

flybuyForeign Language for Youth grants approximately 20 scholarships to qualifying students every year. All proceeds from our reusable bag sales go towards the FLY scholarship program. Students who qualify for their school district’s free or reduced lunch program and complete the registration process are eligible to receive a scholarship from FLY. Help support FLY students and the environment, buy a reusable bag today!

Reusable bags are only $5.00 and include FREE shipping!