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Frequently Asked Questions

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FLY Classes


Where are classes held?

Classes are held at your student’s school, making it convenient for student pick-up and drop-off. Session schedules and exact room locations within the schools are finalized before classes begin. If there are any changes during the school year (e.g., room location, time, etc.), FLY will contact families via email.

What is a typical FLY Class: schedule, length of session, class time and frequency?

FLY class sessions begin in mid-October and continue until the following Spring. Depending on school availability, school calendar and family preferences, classes are offered before and/or after school and will fall into one of the offered schedules below:

  • Thirty-six, 40-minute classes meeting twice per week
  • Twenty-three, 60-minute classes meeting once per week
  • Eighteen, 80-minute classes meeting once per week

All sessions follow the school calendar (no classes on non-school days, holidays, breaks, etc.). FLY sends out the class calendar before classes begin in October. Classes that are cancelled due to school closures or teacher absences are made up at the end of the session. In the unlikely event a school changes the availability of a classroom, FLY will make every attempt to make up the class. Updated calendars are sent to families whenever a change is made to the schedule. When in doubt, refer to your most recent calendar or contact us for the most current copy.

Note: FLY can also work with schools individually to implement our program into a regular school-day schedule. Prices and registration process may vary with this option. Contact us if your school would like to know more about our tailored FLY program.

What age group are FLY classes? Can my Kindergartner join?


Our classes provide foreign language education to elementary and middle school students. Any student in grade 1 or higher can be registered for a FLY class.

Kindergartners are accepted into a FLY class if there is room still available after registration closes or if there is enough interest at a school for a Kindergarten-only class. Otherwise, kindergarten students are placed on a wait list after parents complete the registration/tuition process. Kindergartners may be pre-registered with the $25 pre-registration fee, but tuition must be paid in full between August 15- 31st to be considered for placement in a class.

Kindergartners may attend a standard FLY class if ALL the following conditions are met:

  • There is room available in the class after registration closes on September 30th.
  • The Kindergarten student is able to read and write simple sentences, such as, “The cat jumped on the couch.”.
  • The class is a “good fit” for your student.(See FLY’s “good fit” clause)

How many students are in a FLY Class?

FLY is proud to offer small class sizes. Classes are typically made up of 10 students of various ages, levels and grades.

Can I register my student at a school they do not attend?

We allow students who are not attending the school where a FLY class is offered to attend if all the following conditions* are met:


  • There is room available in the class after registration closes on September 30th.
  • The student is able to read and write simple sentences, such as, “The cat jumped on the couch.”.
  • The student has transportation to and from each FLY class.
  • The class is a “good fit” for your student. (see FLY’s “good fit” clause)
  • Tuition is paid in full
*Students outside of the hosting school are placed on a waitlist for the class until the first week of October. At that time, if space becomes available and the class is a “good fit” for the student, the student is added to the class and the family is notified. If the class fills and/or not a “good fit” for the student, payment is refunded in full and the student is not added to the class.

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Can I register my student for two FLY classes?

We encourage FLY students to learn multiple languages* at once! If FLY offers multiple languages at your school, and the scheduling allows, please feel free to register your FLY student for more than one class. See our multi-class discount.

*Due to the structure of our curriculum and program, students will not be registered for two different classes in the same target language.

Do we have to commit to a whole session?

Due to our low tuition rates and small class sizes, we require a commitment for the full FLY session, mid-October to Spring. In our experience, students retain more of the language if they attend classes over the full session. Please review our refund policy for more details about withdrawing a student prior to the session ending.

Are shorter sessions offered?

Studies have shown that consistently spacing a student’s learning over time can help increase long term retention. Over the 20+ years FLY has been teaching foreign languages, we have seen these results be true. Therefore, we offer our FLY sessions from mid-October to Spring; classes end between late March and early June, in accordance with their schedules.


What are Presentation Days?

Each class holds two Presentation Days during a regularly scheduled class. We invite all families, friends and other guests, to attend a Presentation Day, where students will have a chance to show off what they have learned. The first Presentation is usually before (or shortly after) winter break and the Final Presentation is typically held toward the end of the session. Please check with your student’s FLY teacher or contact FLY for Presentation dates and times.

Can my student bring a snack to class?


Students may bring their own snack to class and eat it quickly and quietly during the first few minutes of class time. Please try and provide a nourishing snack and avoid snacks that contain common allergens, such as nuts. FLY does not provide snacks for the students. Please inform FLY if your student has a food allergy, see our policy.

FLY Prices

How much is a class session and what’s included?


Tuition is $449 for the full session that runs from October until Spring (equivalent to $19.50/60-minute class). Final prices may vary between schools due to school and PTA added costs.

All classes include: Instruction in the targeted language with a FLY trained teacher, a student resource book, student folder for activities and projects, and a certificate of completion.

Can I make payments?

Families can utilize a third-party payment plan through PayPal’s Credit program to sign up for a FLY class. All payment plans are run through PayPal directly, FLY does not handle any aspect of the payment plans. If you have questions or would like to find more information about PayPal’s payment plans click here or contact PayPal directly.

Are there scholarships (financial assistance) available?

Students who qualify for their school district’s free or reduced lunch program are eligible to receive a $100 scholarship from FLY to be applied to a registered class session. To apply for this scholarship; check the box “eligible for free or reduced lunches” when registering your student for a FLY class session, pay the full registration amount, and fax or email us a copy of the approval letter from your school district’s nutrition program. FLY will issue the scholarship upon receipt of the approval letter.

Approval letters must state your student’s eligibility for the free or reduced lunch program for the school year in which you are registering and must be submitted before the class starts, to be eligible. Scholarships are issued as “refunds” and processed through the form of payment used at the time of registration (e.g. check or credit card).


Is there a discount for siblings?

Yes! We offer a $10 rebate per student for families registering two or more students. After registration is completed, and tuition paid in full the rebate may be claimed via email ( Siblings that receive a FLY Scholarship or any other discounts are still eligible for the sibling rebate.

Is there a discount if my student is taking more than one class?

Yes! FLY offers a $20 rebate on your student’s second language class! If FLY offers multiple languages at your school, scheduling allows, and your student is highly motivated to learn a second language, FLY encourages students to sign up for more than one class. Due to the structure of our curriculum and program, students should not be registered for two different classes in the same target language. The rebate may be claimed via email ( after you’ve completed registration for two class sessions.

The FLY Registration Process

What is a FLY Questionnaire used for?

The FLY Questionnaire is free and involves no commitment from you or your student. Your input into language, days, and times, helps us to determine the language(s) and schedule to offer at your school.

When you fill out a FLY Questionnaire:

  • Your information is put into our database, so we can contact you about our future class availability. FLY Admin does not directly respond to all Questionnaires right away. They are primarily used to help determine class interests.
  • FLY does not share any of your information with outside organizations.
  • You may choose to unsubscribe from FLY emails at any time.

What is Pre-Registration?


April 15th – June 30th

A $25 deposit between April 15th and June 30th holds a space in the proposed class session of your choice on a first-come, first-served basis. With this deposit, you will receive an exclusive opportunity to register early, between August 15th – 31st and receive a $25 discount. Registration form and tuition payment must be completed by the end of the day on August 31st to receive the $25 discount. Space is limited to 10 students per class session and then a waitlist is started.

What is Early Registration?

July 1st – August 31st

A $25 deposit between July 1st and August 31st holds a space in the proposed class of your choice until registration opens to all on September 1st.

Please note: Once registration is open to all, classes fill on a first-come, first-served basis once tuition is completed. Deposits only hold a space until August 31st. The proposed class of your choice may fill quickly, as spaces are limited.

The $25 deposit will be fully refunded if the full payment for class is not made by August 31st. See the FLY refund Policy.

If you wish to pay the tuition in full before September 1st, please call our office at 425-420-2854.

What is Registration?


September 1st – September 30th

Registration is completed once tuition is paid in full. Tuition price is $449 per student. Final prices may vary between schools due to school and/or PTA added costs. Discounts and scholarships are available.

Registration is open September 1st through September 30th or until the proposed class is full and/or beginning their second week of classes. Registrations completed after the class is filled will be put on a waitlist and students will be accepted into the class if/when space is available. Registration for that session will be closed after the second week of classes and wait listed students will be refunded.

If you choose not to participate in a FLY class after tuition has been paid, please see our refund policy.

What does it mean if my student is on a waitlist?

If a class is full, you will have an option to buy a waitlist ticket during any part of the registration process. After you’ve submitted the student registration form and paid the appropriate amount associated with your registration period your student will be put on a waitlist. FLY strives to offer classes that meet the needs of the school and registering families. If there are enough students on the waitlist to possibly form an additional class, FLY works with the school to do so and will inform those waiting for the class as soon as possible. Pre-registration deposits do not secure your student’s space after September 1st. Please see your specific registration period for more details or contact us with any questions.

You have the option to buy a waitlist ticket or you may be placed on a waitlist after registration for a class if one or more of the following occur:

  • The class you have chosen is currently FULL.
  • Your student is in Kindergarten and there is not a Kindergarten-only class offered at your school.
  • The class you have chosen is not held at the school your student attends.

Students will be taken off the waitlist and placed into a class on a case-by-case basis as space becomes available and the class is decided a “good fit” for the student. Registration for that session will be closed after the second week of classes and waitlisted students will be refunded.

FLY Policies

What is FLY’s Refund Policy?


FLY refunds 100% of tuition if requested two weeks before the first day of your registered class session or within 48-hours of all tuition purchases, and a 50% refund, if requested before the second week of your registered class. Deposits and any tuition paid, will be fully refunded if your student is on a waitlist and does not get into a proposed class session. Due to our small class size, there are NO refunds after the second week of the registered class session.

For specific refund details please see the applicable registration period:

  • Pre-Registration(April 15 – June 30): The $25 deposit will be fully refunded if registration is not completed by October 1st.
  • Registration(July 1 – Second week of the purposed class session): In addition to the above-mentioned refund policy, Class sessions are subject to cancellation if there are not enough students registered at the close of registration. If a class session is cancelled, all families will be refunded 100%.

FLY does not refund the cost of CDs or books, once delivered, due to the nature of these products.

What is the FLY Family Agreement?

The FLY Family Agreement consists of FLY’s guidelines between the registered families and the FLY Program. By registering your student in a FLY class session, you agree to FLY’s guidelines outlined in the FLY Family Agreement. Please contact the FLY office if you have any questions.

Is class time made-up if the school or a FLY class is cancelled?

If a FLY class must be cancelled, we will add another class to the end of the session schedule to make up the lost time. We will contact you via email only, for cancellations with more than a 48-hour notice. For cancellations within 48-hours of a class, we will make every attempt to contact you and the school by phone and email with the contact information provided upon registration. FLY follows up with a revised calendar via email. The following are possible examples of a class cancellation:


  • Emergency late start – No morning class
  • Emergency early closure – No afternoon class
  • Emergency school closure – ALL FLY classes at the school, cancelled
  • Emergency Teacher absence – Scheduled class will be cancelled
  • Scheduled no school day – No class is scheduled
  • Half Days – No afternoon class is scheduled

Note:If you find that a FLY class is scheduled on a non-school day or half day, please let us know. There are never FLY classes on non-school days and no afternoon classes on half days.

What happens if my student has an unexcused absence?

FLY’s top concern is student safety. It is very important for us to know if your child will not be attending class for any reason. If your student will be absent from a class, please call (425-420-2854) or email the FLY office or FLY teacher directly; schools do not relay student absence information to us. When possible, let us know several days in advance or call us immediately if the absence will be in less than 24-hours. Any student absent from a FLY class without prior notification to FLY is counted as an unexcused absence. If your student has three or more unexcused absences your student can be removed from the program without reimbursement of tuition.

What happens if a student misbehaves in class?


Students are expected to have positive behavior in our classes. FLY respectfully asks that all parents consider the maturity level of their student prior to registration; as our unique academic program often contains students of mixed levels, grades, and ages, unlike the average classroom setting.

Students are expected to follow the classroom rules:

  • Show Respect for Others
  • Work & Play Safely
  • Try Your Best

We strive to work with families when behavior becomes an issue, creating an Action Plan between the student, teacher and family, when necessary. Students who have difficulties following these rules and consistently disrupt the goals of the class, can be removed from the program without reimbursement of tuition. Providing us with your student’s learning preferences prior to the class session will help our staff and teachers understand your student’s needs.

What is an Action Plan?

In the event of a student’s consistent misbehavior, an Action Plan meeting will be scheduled with the student, a parent/guardian, the FLY teacher and a FLY Administrator. This meeting is used to provide the framework for the student to analyze, adjust and be accountable for his or her behavior in class. If behavior does not improve, the student can be removed from the class without reimbursement of tuition.

Will a FLY Class be a “good fit” for my student?

To ensure that all students get the most out of their class time, FLY expects all students:

    • Can read and write simple sentences, such as, “The cat jumped on the couch.”
    • Can work maturely with peers of different ages and levels in a small, mixed class setting.
    • Can consistently follow the classroom rules:

* Show Respect for Others * Work & Play Safely * Try Your Best *

FLY analyzes the composition of each class (e.g., levels, ages & learning preferences) after registration closes and before classes begin. Upon analysis, FLY strives to offer a class that meets the needs of the school and registered families.

My student has a food allergy or medical information I would like you to be aware of. What should I do?


During registration, there is an optional field for you to share any medical information (including allergies) that you would like us to be aware of. Please let us know if your student carries an epi-pen or inhaler. If you are concerned about snacks being consumed in class due to a food allergy, please contact FLY prior to the start of the class session. The information provided to FLY is shared only with the teacher of the class for your student’s health and safety and is not used to determine student placement.

Foreign Language for Youth, FLY, complies with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, including but not limited to Article III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). FLY makes reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of all students. FLY teachers do not require certification and may not be trained to manage extraordinary behavior or learning preferences. All FLY students are expected to follow FLY classroom rules.

FLY does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex; race; creed; color; religion; ancestry; national origin; sexual orientation, including gender expression or identity; physical appearance; the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability; or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal.

What is the policy for picking up my student for an afternoon class?

For safety reasons, it is important that the FLY teacher see you when you pick up your student from class. Please wait to pick up your student outside the classroom door until class is dismissed. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up your student, please contact FLY with the person’s name and the date of the pickup. FLY needs written permission from the parent/guardian before releasing a student if your student is allowed to walk home or will be attending another afterschool activity. You may also inform FLY of these circumstances during registration.

What if I am late picking up my student from an afternoon class?


It is imperative for student safety that students are picked up on time. Teachers may have other obligations after class and the school office may already be closed. Please contact the FLY office and/or the FLY teacher if you may be running late. We understand that uncontrollable circumstances can occur. FLY teachers will stay with students until they are picked up by an approved person. Late pick-ups will be charged $10 for every 5 minutes late after a 10-minute grace period. If a student is picked up late more than 3 times, that student may be dismissed from the class session without refund of tuition.

What is the policy for dropping off my student for a morning class?

Student safety is a top priority for FLY; it is important that you take your student directly to their class in the morning. Our FLY Teachers are in the classroom 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after each class to set up and take down. However, if a teacher is running late, or another unexpected event occurs, it is important that you ensure the teacher is in the room when you drop off your student(s). We at FLY will contact you immediately via phone and email for any class updates or cancellations. Given the nature of a morning class, we recommend checking your email and voicemail before each class to ensure there are no last-minute updates to the schedule, especially in times of inclement weather.

Classroom Dynamics, Advanced Curriculum & More!

How does FLY address differing age groups?


FLY’s small class size and multi-level curriculum allows students the chance to learn in a multi-age, multi-level environment. Our curriculum levels are designed so that students in different levels are addressing similar topics while practicing different skills during each lesson. This allows FLY teachers to give personalized attention to each student’s progress while also allowing the whole group to engage in activities like songs and games, which are relevant to every student. For example, while first level students are learning vocabulary and simple dialogues, students in more advanced levels work independently on conjugating verbs and writing sentences.

What levels are available?


Languages: Levels Available

  • Spanish: Levels K-5
  • French: Levels 1-3
  • Mandarin Chinese: Levels 1-2
  • Japanese: Level 1
  • Arabic: Level 1

Levels of Curriculum: Main Focus

  • Level 1: Vocabulary Building
  • Level 2: Sentence Building
  • Level 3: Verb Conjugation
  • Level 4: Irregular Verbs and Writing
  • Level 5: Extended Writing and Past Tense

Many returning students are able to advance to the next level each year. We have seen many FLY students take our classes for five years in a row and over 15,000 students have learned the beginnings of multiple languages through our program.

Please note: Any student who is in Kindergarten – 2nd grade will be placed as a Level 1, even if they have previously taken a FLY class. While many students advance to a Level 2 after one year of FLY instruction, at this age it will be determined by the teacher once they have demonstrated that they can move on to Level 2. Level 2 students are expected to read on their own and have the ability to work independently. FLY will provide appropriate materials to a student once they are ready to advance.

What can I expect from the CDs that are offered?


FLY offers an optional audio CD* (2 discs) to go along with our first level Spanish, French and Mandarin books, as well as, our second level Spanish. Each vocabulary word, dialogue and Total Physical Response is repeated three times in the target language. CDs are $20 and include shipping and handling. Purchase a FLY CD here.

*CDs are not included in tuition and can only be purchased by registered families in the target language the FLY student is currently enrolled in. FLY does not refund the cost of CDs once delivered, due to the nature of this product.

I ordered a CD, when will it arrive?

CDs purchased between July 1st – September 30th, are shipped out directly to the purchaser the week of October 15th, when class sessions begin. Any CDs purchased between October 15th – June 30th are shipped within 5 business days of purchase and mailed directly to purchaser. FLY does not refund the cost of CDs once delivered, due to the nature of this product.

What is Total Physical Response (TPR)?


Our classes use a method of teaching called, Total Physical Response or “TPR”. TPR is based on the coordination of language and physical movement. Using TPR, our teachers give commands to students in the target language, and students respond with whole-body actions. This method is proven to aid in learning a second language as it replicates the way students learn as infants.

We’re going on vacation. How do I find out what my student will miss?

If your student will be absent from a FLY class, please contact the FLY teacher or the FLY office ( directly to avoid your student having an unexcused absence. Schools do not relay student absence information to us. When possible, let us know several days in advance or call us (425-420-2854) immediately if the absence will be in less than 24-hours. You and your student are encouraged to speak with the FLY teacher about the planned absence and find out what lesson to study ahead of time.

How can I help my FLY student succeed?

FLY classes expose early learners to the basics of a new language. True fluency takes years of study and immersion in a language. Repetition, exposure, and interest are key components of language learning. To continue your student’s language development at home, we recommend having your student repeat vocabulary and dialogue aloud from a lesson they have studied in class. Using the “sounds like” section in your student’s FLY book and sounding out the vocabulary words with your student outside of class will help reinforce repetition. Each lesson has about ten vocabulary words, a question-response dialogue, and several action words (TPR); you can try incorporating these words into your student’s daily life. As students are exposed to a new language, their ability to recognize and understand that language becomes stronger. You could also help expose your student to their new language by: finding picture books at the library, going to a local cultural event, visiting restaurants, or purchasing a FLY CD or FLY Young Author book. Keep your student interested in language learning by continuing to encourage them to try out their language in different situations or have them keep a log of new words and phrases.

What is the FLY Young Authors Program?


The FLY Young Authors Program is designed to help diligent students demonstrate their progress to the world while simultaneously earning money for their post K-12 education. This provides a wonderful opportunity for advanced FLY students to be published authors at a young age.

Purchase your FLY Young Authors book here.

Find out more about our FLY Young Authors Program.