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mi_suenoMi Sueño

By: Rissa Eilmes

Target Language: Spanish

Mi Sueño is about a young girl whose dream is to be a part of the Women’s National Soccer Team. She trains hard and eats well. Is she able to accomplish her goal? Find out by reading Rissa’s book!


By: Annie Jenkins

Target Language: Spanish

Twelve-year-old author, Annie, tells the story of a spotted cat who has trouble making friends. Does Pistachio find friendship? Find out by reading Annie’s book!

La Pesca

By: Jack Eilmes

Target Language: Spanish

Eight-year-old author, Jack, tells about his love of salmon fishing. Find out if Jack catches his dream fish by reading his book!

Annie, El caballo arco iris

By: Maddy Offerman

Target Language: Spanish

Twelve-year-old author, Maddy, tells the story of a day in the life of a rainbow horse. What does a rainbow horse do during the day? Find out by reading Maddy’s book!


What is the FLY Young Authors Program

FLY students learn a great deal about their target language throughout their yearlong FLY class. Many FLY students write short stories or skits as part of their class. Stories are a great way to put learned vocabulary in a recognizable and fun context. The FLY Young Authors program is designed to help diligent students demonstrate their progress to friends and family while simultaneously earning money for their post K-12 education. FLY Young Authors books are a great resource for other students who are also learning the target language. This program also provides an opportunity for FLY students to be published authors at a young age, which involves not only the creative writing process but also the business side of being an author.


How does a FLY student become a FLY Young Author?

FLY Young Authors are typically students who have studied their target language with Foreign Language for Youth for 3-5 years. By that time, the student has a wealth of vocabulary and can conjugate verbs. A FLY Teacher can nominate a book on behalf of the student, or a student can bring the book directly to Foreign Language for Youth for publication. With consent from the FLY student and parent, Foreign Language for Youth then puts the student’s story in a publishable form, purchases the ISBN and copyright on behalf of the student, and manages all sales and distributions of their book.


Tell me more about the books

All books are written by the students themselves in their new language. FLY Teachers may help students with their grammar and spelling, but take no part in the creation of the book. The process of writing the book helps the FLY student to culminate all learned language attributes in a form, and subject that interests them. At the end of each book you will find key word definitions and a reading comprehension section. Our vision is to have a library of books created by FLY students, available for students to love while learning their target language.


How much does a FLY Young Author receive for their books?

Foreign Language for Youth sets up a bank account for each FLY Young Author, so that they receive fifty percent (50%) from each book sale. Foreign Language for Youth sends all funds, including interest, directly to the FLY Young Author’s post K-12 educational institution. Students that choose not to attend a post K-12 educational institution may withdraw all funds when they turn age 18, but forfeit the accrued interest.


What does FLY do with the other funds received from book sales?

The other fifty percent (50%) of the funds received from a student’s book, goes directly towards the development of this program and future FLY programs that encourage advanced early language learning.